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Hassan 2 Golf Trophy Association

1-  User

The «User» is any person who uses the website or one of the services offered on the website.

2-  User content

The term « User Content » refers to data entered by the User on certain parts of the website.

The present general conditions define access methods of services on the Lalla Aicha Tour School website, hereinafter referred to as «the Service», and User requirements of this service. All access and/or use of the Lalla Aicha Tour School website stipulates user agreement and respect of the terms of these general conditions and their unconditional acceptance. This acceptance constitutes a contract between the Hassan 2 Golf Trophy Association and the User. Users who do not wish to accept all or part of these current general conditions are requested to stop using the Service.

3-  Access to the Service

The service may be accessed free of charge by all Users with an Internet connection. Users shall be solely responsible for any investment incurred in using the Service, whether material, software or Internet access costs. Users are also solely responsible for keeping their computer equipment and their Internet connection operating correctly.

4-  Publisher

Hassan 2 Golf Trophy Association | Non-profit Organization governed by Dahir No. 1 - 58 - 376 3 Jumada I 1378 (15 November 1958) regulating the right of association, as amended and supplemented by the provisions of Law 30 - 09 related to physical education and sports, and its implementing Decree and the provisions of these statutes. This Association is recognized as a non-profit organization by Decree No. 2.03.685 of 07 October 2009. Registered Head Office: 5, Rue Cadi Mehdi Moreno, La Pinède- Souissi, Rabat – Morocco.

5-  Note

The Lalla Aicha Tour School website provides general information on lalla meryem Golf Cup. The Hassan 2 Golf Trophy Association does not guarantee the up-to-date status or accuracy of the information at any given time. Users are responsible for obtaining any confirmation they may need from other sources, specifically by contacting the Hassan 2 Golf Trophy Association directly to request supplementary information. The Hassan 2 Golf Trophy Association reserves the right to modify or correct the content of the site and these present general conditions at any time.

The Lalla Aicha Tour School website is intended to be used by Internet users for their personal information. Access to and use of this site is subject to these general conditions, listed below and to the various laws that may apply.

Connection and access to the Lalla Aicha Tour School website constitute full and unreserved acceptance by the Internet user of all the terms of these general conditions.

6-  Applicable Law

This site and its content were created in accordance with website laws applicable in Morocco – albeit that they may be accessed by other users worldwide – specifically Dahir n° 1-09-15 du 22 safar 1430 (18 February 2009) by virtue of which Law n° 09-08 was passed, relating to the protection of individuals with respect to data processing of a personal nature.

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